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CRENVA is a technology solution provider to travel industry creating value for airlines and its customers. Creating and Enhancing Value for Your Customer is the critical activity for any Business to acquire, retain the delighted customers thereby staying ahead of competition, increasing the brand awareness and profitability Organizations are keenly aware that the key to winning in market place today is excelling in tailoring one's offerings that meet customer needs. Interest in the topic of value creation has been surging as creating value for customers is regarded as pivotal to successful business advancements. Understanding the value concept and the factors that converge in value formation is essential to sensible decision-making process.

Building the Future of travel

To be the Most Admired Innovative Solution Provider to the travel World

Building the future of travel


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Building the future of travel

Value Beyond Price

We help Airlines enhance customer value and grow the Business

Airlines struggle to capitalize on the inevitable variations in passenger requirements within market segments and increase the profitability by providing the right market offerings at the correct prices that meet passenger willingness to pay.

Crenva's ValueX products are persuasive sales tool that help airlines add layer of services to its product offerings to win, retain, and grow revenue by  intelligently and persuasively offering right products and services to right customers  at the right price, a win-win for both airlines and its customers.

Key features

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ValueX Upgrade

UPGRADE - An Innovative update solution for airlines.

  • Intelligent price settings for the upgrades to premium cabins
  • Fully automated end to end
  • Upgrade offer creation and acceptance
  • Auto-pilot function provides increased speed to market
  • Increased convenience for passengers to purchase
  • Flexibility to combine miles plus cash as form of payment
  • Mobile devices compatible
  • Rich user interfaces
  • Benefits to Airlines
  • Increased Revenue
  • Increased offer value creation
  • Delighted Customers
  • Increased Customer Loyalty
  • Increased Brand awareness
  • Benefits to Passengers
  • Superior product value
  • Option to chose the right price that meets one's willingness-to-pay
  • Redeem miles for purchase
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ValueX Bag

BAG - An Innovative ancillary bag solution for airlines.

  • Design for Better Customer Experience.
  • Continuous Pricing for Ancillary Fee.
  • Multi-Device Access (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile).
  • Multiple Payment Options for Travellers (Credit Card, Miles).
  • Interlining Capability.
  • High Automation of Business Processes.
  • Intuitive Dashboards.
  • E-mail Marketing.
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ValueX Consulting

Air travel is on the verge of recovery after more than two years of a lull due to the coronavirus pandemic. Airlines will need the right strategy to bounce back in this volatile period to be back in the black. The experienced ValueX team can help Airlines create and capture the value and support the recovery in the following areas.

  • Strategy
  • Airline Commercial
  • Airline Operations
  • Business Transformations
  • Digital Transformations

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